How to Subscribe to the BUGMI Posts:

Michigan Banner Users Group uses a Google Group to facilitate questions and answers among the BUGMI community. Everyone is encouraged to subscribe and post questions, answers, and/or suggestions.  (NOTE:  A Google account is NOT required to join!)

To request access, from your preferred email system (likely your work email), please send an email (nothing necessary in the email body) to  You will receive a reply* from the BUGMI group.  DO NOT hit the "Join this Group" button in this reply, but instead just hit the "Reply" button, and then "Send" (you do not need to type anything at all), and you will get one more reply from the BUGMI group indicating that you are now a member.  (See note below)

To post a message, once a member of the BUGMI group, just send an email to  You can also visit the web version of the BUGMI group by clicking here.

*Note:  Please note that if you have a Gmail account tied to the email address that you try to subscribe from, that the Gmail account will actually be subscribed as the member and not the email address you are sending from.  This is likely because Google wants to keep it all in the "family", but also you have more features available from Google Groups if you sign into Google than you do as an anonymous (to Google) user.