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BUGMI 2013 Conference Evaluation Results

posted Oct 29, 2013, 8:51 AM by Shellie Hubert
Here are the compiled results from the BUGMI Conference Evaluations.

Of 181 attendees, we received 62 responses.  The evaluations were positive for the most part.

Some of the general threads we got in the free form comments were: 

1) The opening session was long and not relevant to everyone

2) Financial Aid BOF call in quality was poor

3) Try to get more sessions areas such as Finance, Advancement and Financial Aid.
      (Remember, to have a session, someone has to be willing to present... hint, hint!) 

4) Spread out Student sessions more.  The 4th block had lots of student sessions.
      (The reason the 4th block had so many student sessions was because the other areas didn't have enough presentations.  Sorry the interesting ones stacked up and that you had to choose just one!)

Thanks again everyone for coming.  If you have further feedback regarding this year's conference, please feel free to email Shellie Hubert, and she will pass it along to the next school.